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Please support our host!

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Free Shell Accounts

Since it's launch as a public access UNIX system in 1983, M-Net has offered completely free shell accounts to users from all over the world. Several decades later, you can still get a free shell account, with full Access to various compilers and very few restrictions.

  • Many shells available (bash, csh, tcsh, etc)
  • Ability to write and compile C programs
  • Learn how to write shell scripts

As a user of M-Net, you'll also have access to the BBS, a discussion system with over a hundred conferences on all varieties of topics from sports to tv to programming.

Outgoing network access - excluding the lynx web browser - has been restricted to supporters. Unfortunately, we have to be a good net citizen, and offering complete internet access to everyone at no charge simply isn't possible for our organization.

How to access M-Net

You'll first need to create a new user account. You can do this by using telnet or our web-based secure shell client. To create an account, log in as "newuser" and follow the prompts!


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