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M-Net: Finger a user

Fingering a user is not as sick and twisted as it sounds! "finger" is a very old unix program that allows unix users to retrieve information about other unix users. You can even finger the webmaster!

M-Net User: casper (Fuzz junk hooker rumble)

User Homepage (not verified, may not exist)

Login: casper         			Name: Fuzz junk hooker rumble
Directory: /c/a/casper              	Shell: /usr/local/bin/bash
No Mail.
Mail forwarded to:
flint, represent

h0h0h0: yo
h0h0h0: i compiled my first c app on mac yeseterday. it was party. hot.
tanis: ive never met you,
tanis: i hope you dont say shit like that in social settings

furs: dan if I got stung by a jellyfish, would you pee on me?

furs: I mnetted once when I was shitting, but never peeing

h0h0h0: i wish icould pee in my pants.
tanis: go tubing down the salt river; you can for four hours straight.

furs: I cannot have anal leakage in my life

thorin: The mermaid windows are bleeding australian vinyl syrup

thorin: I'd rather drink pee than play the lotto

Tanthalas39: Did Mnet just go down on you?

thorin: totally false
thorin: considering my obsession with winning the lotto
thorin: and my lack of desire to drink pee

casper: if I left salsa out overnight is it safe to eat?
trex:   probably
furs:   probably
trex:   squirt some lime in it
furs:   squirt some jizz in it

<thorin molests a homeless man>

Rex: amy and I brought our own popcorn and molson blue I haven't
laughed out loud at a movie in a long time. maybe since planes,
trains and automobiles


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